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We are here to break the Monotony and bring to you Refreshing and Luxurious Designs to make your friends and clients go “WOW!”, every time they step into your Home or Office. We have the expertise to transform even smaller spaces into more breathable and enjoyable living spaces. Whether big or small, we make your house or office, the place you always dreamt of, at affordable prices.

Anubhab Tripathy, Principal Designer

Anubhab’s love and passion for designing beautiful spaces has brought him to this competitive Industry. His work includes designing and executing projects in residential, office and commercial spaces. Anubhab brings fresh insight into current designs and trends. He believes, designing is more than picking out furniture; it is creating a unique space reflective of the space’s intent. He uses architectural features, creative lighting and his experience in engineering in designing very functional yet luxurious spaces. His charming attitude assures PepLiving customers have exceptional, timely service from all outside suppliers. Anubhab is very hands on, working with the details from conception to construction to the last finishing detail.


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